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The Houstonian Hotel Lobby and TRIBUTE Arrangements -- November 23, 2020

This week we used a variety of spray mums, pittosporum, and Charmelia alstroemeria to create these large arrangements. The smaller mums are spray buttons mums in fall colors, and the yellow mums are spray cushions. Charmelia alstroemeria are unique because they are a spray variety of alstroemeria and each blooms has a beautiful and dainty shape. Pittosporum is one of our most used types of greenery for these big arrangements, due to their durability and longevity in floral foam. 

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The Houstonian Hotel Lobby and TRIBUTE Arrangements -- November 16, 2020

Created with:  Oriental lilies Chrysanthemum Pittosporum Solidago Israeli ruscus  We are going classic fall here! The lilies and the mums are not only lovely for this time of year, they are two long-lasting and budget friendly options. The “ball” variety of mums are especially useful because they can resemble more expensive flowers at a fraction of the cost. Solidago is a favorite of ours during this time of year because it is a great way to add some fall color and texture at an unbeatable price point. To tie it all together, we use Pittosporum and Israeli ruscus, both very hardy types of greenery that perform well in floral foam. They are two of our go-to greenery options for these large arrangements. 

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